AfrAsia XtraMiles Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
"Card" means the Titanium MasterCard and World MasterCard credit cards, issued by AfrAsia Bank to the Cardmember and includes any Primary Card, Supplementary Card and Replacement Card; or
"Card Account" means the Card account opened by AfrAsia Bank for the purpose of entering all credits and debits received or incurred by the Primary Cardmember and the Supplementary Cardmember, if any under these Terms and Conditions; or
"Cardmember" means the person for whose use the Card issued by AfrAsia Bank which includes the Primary as well as the Supplementary Cardmembers.
"Cash Advance" means any cash obtained by the Cardmember obtained from an ATM or otherwise using a Card.
"Charges" means any amount payable by the Cardmember arising from the issue or use of the Card (s) or the Card number or the Personal Identification Number (PIN) or otherwise under these Terms and Conditions and includes without limitation, all transactions, fees, charges, interest, expenses, damages and legal costs and disbursements.
"Primary Cardmember" means the person to whom AfrAsia Bank has issued the Primary Card and for whom the Card Account is first opened by AfrAsia Bank Limited;
"Primary Card" means the Card belonging to a Primary Cardmember.
"Replacement Card" means a further Card issued to an existing Cardmember to replace an existing Card.
"Supplementary Cardmember" means any person to whom a Supplementary Card is issued.
"Supplementary Card" means a Card belonging to a Supplementary Cardmember.
"Transaction" means any Cash Advance or retail transaction of whatsoever nature entered into by the Cardmember using the Card.
"XtraMiles" means AfrAsia XtraMiles.
“XtraMiles" means the global rewards currency for the Xtramiles Rewards Program, by which the Cardmember will be offered XtraMiles for using their Card, which can be exchanged for specific benefits and rewards, in accordance with the XtraMiles Rewards Program terms and conditions and as determined by AfrAsia Bank Limited from time to time.
  • These Terms and Conditions will also include the specific terms and conditions related to the benefits and services offered to our Cardmembers
  • Words importing only the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa
  • Words importing any gender shall include all genders
1. Enrolment
  • Only AfrAsia Bank Limited World and Titanium MasterCard Cardholders eligible to earn XtraMiles, with valid Credit cards and in good standing can redeem against XtraMiles.
  • Every eligible charge made on a Principal or Supplementary card shall result in that respective card earning XtraMiles.
2. XtraMiles rewards program
  • The XtraMiles rewards program is operated by AfrAsia Bank Limited and Infinia and the prevailing criteria, Terms and Conditions for the XtraMiles rewards program may be amended at any time at the absolute discretion of AfrAsia Bank Limited.
  • Continuation of the XtraMiles rewards program is conditional upon continuation of an agreement to such effect between AfrAsia Bank Limited and Infinia.
  • The XtraMiles rewards program may be suspended or terminated temporarily or entirely at the discretion of AfrAsia Bank Limited.
  • AfrAsia Bank Limited reserves the right to change the XtraMiles rewards program at any time at its discretion.
3. XtraMiles rewards program accumulation
  • AfrAsia Bank Limited Cardholders shall be awarded on every eligible charge (only POS transactions) made to their AfrAsia Bank Limited Credit card, XtraMiles, which are redeemable against a range of offers.
  • XtraMiles may only be accumulated on eligible charges (only POS transactions) incurred to your credit card and redeemable during the continuation of the XtraMiles rewards program.
  • Fixed Deposit & Investments – XtraMiles shall be earned and credited to the XtraMiles Account as per conditions conveyed by AfrAsia Bank Limited from time to time, and only if such XtraMiles Account remains active and in good standing during such period.
  • In the event of any fraud or misconduct on your part in the accumulation of XtraMiles, all accumulated XtraMiles will be forfeited by AfrAsia Bank Limited. You shall not be eligible to earn any further XtraMiles and AfrAsia Bank Limited reserves the right to cancel your participation in the XtraMiles rewards program and/or to cancel your Credit card and/or close your Account.
In the event you cancel your Credit card or close your Account on which the Card, was issued, all accumulated XtraMiles shall be forfeited by AfrAsia Bank Limited and your registration with XtraMiles rewards program will be cancelled too.
4. XtraMiles Redemption against Rewards
  • Redemption of XtraMiles cannot be in the form of cash.
  • XtraMiles will be valid for redemption for a period of 3 years from the date of award; unutilised XtraMiles for a period in excess of 3 years will be automatically cancelled.
  • XtraMiles may be redeemed for redemption options on
  • AfrAsia Bank Limited reserve the right to refuse redemption of XtraMiles, in particular if they have reason to believe the accumulation of XtraMiles was done fraudulently.
  • Redemption of XtraMiles will be affected by Infinia instantly and by us within 48 banking hours of your request. Credit of redeemed XtraMiles to your membership account with Infinia shall be subject to the Infinia policies and procedures and its agreement with AfrAsia Bank Limited.
  • Subsequent redemption of XtraMiles from Infinia shall be subject to Infinia prevailing terms and conditions.
5. Reversal of Charges
  • In the event of any reversal of charges for which you were awarded XtraMiles that were redeemed against certain rewards they shall be reversed at the rate at which they were awarded.
6. Statements
  • You can check and redeem XtraMiles on your XtraMiles account through
  • The XtraMiles account shall be deemed to be conclusive evidence of all transactions accumulating and/or redeeming XtraMiles unless you notify AfrAsia Bank Limited otherwise in writing within thirty (30) days of the statement date.
7. Liability
The AfrAsia Bank Limited shall not be liable for:
  • refusal by Infinia to permit redemption of XtraMiles;
  • actions of Infinia;
  • disputes between you and Infinia;
  • your participation in the XtraMiles rewards program.
9. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius
The Cardmember irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Mauritius. The submission to such jurisdiction shall not (and shall not be construed so as to) limit AfrAsia Banks’s right to take proceedings against you in the courts of any other competent jurisdiction nor shall the taking of proceedings in any one or more jurisdictions preclude the taking of proceedings in any other jurisdiction, whether concurrently or not.
These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Mauritius
Any admissions or acknowledgment in writing by the Cardmember or any person authorised by the Cardmember of the amount of indebtedness of the Cardmember to AfrAsia Bank Limited and any judgment recovered by AfrAsia Bank Limited against the Cardmember in respect of such indebtedness shall be binding and conclusive in all courts of law in the Republic of Mauritius and elsewhere. A certificate issued by an officer of AfrAsia Bank Limited as to the amount for the time being due and owing to AfrAsia Bank Limited from or by the Cardmember shall be conclusive evidence against the Cardmember in any legal proceedings.